About Tina Mahina

Tina Mahina Photography provides unique photography experiences across Hawaii, United States.

Tina Mahina is an accomplished photographer, world traveler and social media practitioner.

Her photography has appeared in international, national, and local magazines, most recently on the cover of Alaska Airlines inflight magazine. Raised in Hawaii, her geologist background combined with her wanderlust has led her around the globe to more than 150 cities throughout over 20 countries.

Tina combines social media and photography into a lifestyle effortlessly. She enjoys providing small businesses with social media photography support, from assisting them with their photography needs to teaching how to capture successful images to support marketing and branding efforts. Tina Mahina's clients are often small businesses in Hawaii lacking an online presence, and she trains them to create their own authentic voice via social media.

From her artistic talents and people skills as a destination vacation family and couples photographer to her technical background as a geologist, she loves sharing her island home with the world. Tina Mahina spreads aloha with every shutter click.

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Aloha pumehana,
Tina Mueller

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